Friday, 8 May 2015

Shanghai Map Postcard

I was over the moon when the postcard from Ming of China delivered to my doorstep on Mar 2015. This is an uneven shaped postcard, roughly measured 19 x 13cm 

The blue lake is known as Shichaihai (大运河~什刹海) which comprising of Qianhai (前海)、
Houhai (后海) and Xihai (西海). The brown-ish square icons, old buildings once lived by famous people like Former Residence of Song Ching Ling, Mao Ze Dong, Feng Guo Zhang, Zhang ZhiDong, Guo Mo Rou, Mei Lan Fang scatter in this area.

What amaze me about this postcard is the detailed drawing of each building, especially on the roof design. Most of the old buildings are adopting Hsuan-Shan (悬山) rooftop construction, which is considered commonly used in traditional civil building in China since the Song Dynasty (about 10th Century A.D.). 

The reason of Hsuan-Shan rooftop is widely used in southern China due to it's rainproof functionality.    

This little map postcard surely will help me and you if you are planning to travel to Shanghai. 

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